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Keep on the ShadowfellSPOILER WARNING!

The following thoughts contain minor spoilers for Keep on the Shadowfell. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read it. And if you’re in my gaming group then you definitely shouldn’t be reading it.


When Sir Caliban came to Winterhaven, he was carrying an infant son. He left his son in the village and went to the Keep of the Shadowfell, pursuing an unknown mission. Few remember the wandering knight or the fact that his son, Perrien, was taken in Bairwin Wildarson and raised as his own.

Now a seventeen year old boy, Perrien is a member of the Warrior Guild and hopes to join Lord Padraig’s Regulars when he reaches the age of his majority.

A knight? When would he have been here? I don't know. Maybe Eilian would remember. He remembers a lot and he's been around here longer than most. (Eilian does remember and can tell them that the knight's son was taken in by Bairwin.)
Bairwin Wildarson: "Yes, I remember Sir Caliban. I took in his son, Perrien."

LORD PADRAIG: Lord Padraig will ask them their business in Winterhaven (see above); if they tell him, he will make inquiries himself and find out Perrien’s identity.

THE GRAVEYARD: If they find Caliban’s gravestone in the graveyard, it says: “Survived by his son Perrien”. This makes it relatively easy to find the boy.


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