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Places to Go, People to Be has translated the Three Clue Rule into French as La Règle des Trois Indices!

I can’t read a word of it, but it does remind me that in French the word for “clue” is the same word as “indication” — i.e., it is something which indicates something else. (I think I first encountered this when reading essays about the Arsène Lupin stories.) That seems like a particularly useful bit of alternative etymology in the particular context of the Three Clue Rule (or Three Indication Rule), since the rule can actually be applied widely beyond the format of a mystery.

(For those curious, the English word “clue” derives from “clew”, which originally referred to a ball of thread: Just as Ariadne’s thread led Theseus to the entrance of the labyrinth, so clues will lead you to the solution of the mystery. The example of the labyrinth, I suppose, just indicates another way in which the provenance of the Three Clue Rule can be extended.)

My original essay on the Three Clue Rule has been translated into Czech for an awesome-looking fanzine:

Drakkar 43

Direct Link (PDF) / Facebook Page

I’ll be honest: I can’t read a word of it, but I think it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Hebrew Translations

May 15th, 2012

Three Clue Rule in Hebrew

Rani Sharim has been translating articles from the Alexandrian into Hebrew.

Check ’em out: Three Clue Rule and Don’t Prep Plots.

(Or you can read the English originals at Three Clue Rule and Don’t Prep Plots.)



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