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The key posted over the last several days for the Ruined Temple of Illhan represents the temple as it was discovered by my players. If you’re interested in running through the temple in the days after that hardy group of wanderers passed through it, you’ll want to make the following changes:

AREA 9: The secret door has been wedged open with iron spike.

AREA 20: The stone block has been propped up with three iron chests, holding it far enough off the ground for halflings and unarmored characters to crawl under.

AREA 21: Portcullis has been raised (using the control level in area 23).

AREA 26: The ceiling of this room has collapsed, leaving behind a solid wall of rubble in the doorway.

AREA 30: The iron chests and treasure have been removed.

AREA 36: Spear has been removed.

AREA 43: All of these doors have been chopped through with axes.

Thanks again to Dyson Logos for giving me permission to share his re-keyed map. I very much recommend checking out his site; he’s got a plethora of terrific stuff over there ripe for pillaging.

The Ruined Temple of Illhan - Dungeons

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2 Responses to “The Ruined Temple of Illhan – Part 7: Annotations”

  1. Ladislaus says:

    Will you be posting a compiled PDF of this adventure? I am considering running this for my group, but we use paper-n-pencils (& dice, of course) while playing at the table. Thanks!

  2. d47 says:

    Fairly interesting key, but I can sympathize with the player who wanted to run you through after the session.

    I am left with the following questions about the complex. Why is the complex empty? If the entrance is open and obvious, why hasn’t anything moved in? Are there no tracks or other signs of recent activity? Is it perhaps still under some divine protection that drives out anyone who stays too long? Some of the traps seem awfully deadly and unforgiving, so what level characters is this for? Who reset the traps last? Are the characters expected to find the map and is this a hook for a future quest? If so, what do you do if they don’t find it?

    Personally, I could imagine at some point having the characters witness visions giving clues to the ancient “friendship”. I can also imagine having the place turn out to be seriously haunted, but not revealing this until they are deep into the complex and a magic wind slams doors shut behind them and extinguishes all their lights as menacing sounds approach from every direction…

    Anyway, I think I would have enjoyed playing through this session, especially if I felt that there was something important to find.

    Presuming someone in the party was cursed by the spear, did they ever come back? Was it the same?

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