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When the PCs approached the ruined temple I needed to figure out which god the temple was dedicated to. I knew from my background notes that the Norse pantheon had been worshiped in this area by the Norskans, and I briefly considered re-assigning the temple to Thor. (The image of a hammer stuck in my head. If you take a peek at areas 15 and 16 on the map tomorrow, you should be able to figure out why.) Then, at the last minute, I decided not to change Illhan’s identity… but I also kept the Norskan connection. The result was the Neo-Norska Pantheon.


When the Nidhogg, the Great Serpent of Shadows, gnawed its way free from the prison which had been formed for it within the roots of Yggdrasil, it passed into the Realm of Midgard and there wrought horrible deeds and raised a mighty legion of darkness. It formed alliance with Surtr and the Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire, and with their aid prepared a great siege to sweep aside the gods.

But the ravens of Odin brought tidings of Nidhogg’s legions. The blind seers of Valhalla foretold that this might prove one of the Ragnaroks. The gods did not believe that any power could stand against the might which Nidhogg had raised, and so they closed the gates of Yggdrasil and cast loose the nine worlds – sealing themselves from the terror.

But not all within the halls of Valhalla believed that the Realm of Midgard should be abandoned. With the aid of Heimdall, the Eight Sons of Thor and the Three Daughters of Hel crossed the Rainbow Bridge, leading the Court of Young Gods to rally the armies of men and oppose the shadows of Nidhogg.

ILLHAN: Thor’s Eldest. He proved himself a great hero during the war and became known as the Bearskin Knight. He wielded a hammer in each hand.

LATER TALES: In the days after the War of the Great Serpent, the Court of Young Gods turned against itself. One of the Daughters of Hel, the Queen of Rivers, was murdered. Her sisters – the Ice Queen and the Fire Queen – accused each other of the crime and the Second War of the Young Gods began.

During the latter days of this second war, Illhan, who had pledged himself to the Ice Queen, saw the Fire Queen from afar and his ancient passion for her was lit afresh.

For more details of the sad tale which follows, see the Pleasure Palace of Izrigul in Nod #6. (Which I’m incorporating into the Neo-Norska myth cycle because it’s too cool not to use. It’s free, so check it out.)

Continued tomorrow…

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