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My creation of specific mazes for use on Level 6 of Rappan Athuk proved to be very popular. My campaign preparations for the dungeon inevitably led me to the six mazes on Level 7A. These mazes are left completely undescribed in the module. They will be detailed over the next several days:

Maze 7A-A — The maze closest to area 7A-1
Maze 7A-B — The maze between maze 7A-A and area 7A-3
Maze 7A-C — The maze between areas 7A-3 and 7A-4
Maze 7A-D — The maze between areas 7A-4 and 7A-7
Maze 7A-E — The maze just to the east of area 7A-3
Maze 7A-F — The maze closest to area 7A-8

GENERAL FEATURES: The halls in each maze are 10 feet wide, unless noted otherwise. The halls are finished stone with level floors which offer good footing. See the standard features for this level of the dungeon.

TELEPORT BLOCKS: The mazes on this level are shielded with teleport block spells. Characters cannot teleport into or out of the mazes. (These teleport blocks obviously do not affect the teleportals in Maze 7A-A.)

ALARMS: There is an alarm spell keyed to Kazleth’s crown at the entrance an exit of all the mazes on this level. If the alarm is triggered, Kazleth will dispatch a party of phase minotaur hunters.

DESIGN NOTES: These mazes use the style of my personal campaign notes, rather than any official style guide. In particular, you’ll note the short descriptions of creature abilities designed to jog my memory at the gaming table. My goal with these mazes was to find elements which would give each maze a unique gameplay above and beyond the simple mechanics of “find your way through”.

Maze 7A-A

TROPHY HEADS: The walls of these galleries are lined with incorporeal trophy heads. Species of every sort and variety are present: Humans, elves, goblins, and dwarves are prominent. Umber hulks, basilisks, a beholder, three dragons, a bulette, wererats, adrak, a mind flayer, and unicorn among others. A wide variety of common animals.

Although incorporeal, these trophy heads are solid upon the Ethereal Plane. If brought back to the Material Plane, they would have a collective worth of 5,000 gp (and a weight of 10,000 lbs.).

TELEPORTALS: With the exception of the entrances to the Vault, the other passages between the galleries are teleportals. Passing through a teleportal will pass the characters into another teleportal with the same letter (determine randomly). For example, if the characters pass through A2 they will emerge from A1, A2, A3, or A4 (roll 1d4 to determine which) heading in the same direction.

Any given teleportal will keep its “encoding” for 1 minute after someone passes through it. So if more than a minute passes between characters passing through a passage, they may end up in different places.

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