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Croydon Airport - 1930

When I originally ran Eternal Lies, I semi-coincidentally included a couple of local airports. This was primarily because (a) I wanted to make the opening scene really specific and filled with lots of historical details in order to immediately begin immersing the players into the time period and (b) while searching for visual references of DC-3 planes for the Silver Sable I stumbled across this amazing photo:

In any case, roughly two-thirds of the way through running the campaign, I realized that getting very specific with each airport they arrived at was a very effective technique this type of campaign. Compared to using a sort of “generic airport”:

  • It made the arrival at each location memorable and distinct, creating a clear starting point for each regional scenario.
  • It immediately established the transition in environment and culture.
  • It transforms arrival and — perhaps even more importantly — departure into a scene which has been much more specifically framed. This seemed to encourage meaningful action (by both the PCs and the NPCs) to gravitate towards the airports, which had the satisfying consequence of frequently syncing character arcs and dramatic arcs with actual geography and travel itinerary.

In other words, it’s true what they say. First impressions are really important, and it turns out that in a globe-hopping campaign the airports are your first impressions.

Now that I’m running the campaign again, therefore, one of the things I prioritized was assembling similarly specific research on the other airports in the campaign. (As with other aspects of the campaign, I find that using historically accurate details seems to be both heighten immersion and create a general sense of satisfaction both for myself and from my players.) As an addendum to the Alexandrian Remix of Eternal Lies, I’m presenting these notes in the hopes that other GMs will find it useful.

One thing I realized in the process of assembling this material is that, even moreso than I had suspected, during the ‘30s air travel was this incredibly experimental, regionalized, and freeform ideal. Today we associate airports with these massive, institutional, homogenous experiences, but in the ‘30s every airport had its own unique flavor. This is something that I think a GM of Eternal Lies can really lean into, because it will emphasize just how much bigger the world was back then compared to day. How much more isolated; how much more strange; and how much more alienating.

Make sure to also grab the Props Packet for this addendum, which contains photos and other props for many of the hotels.

Note: New York’s airport (Floyd Bennett Field) is fully detailed in 1.1 New York and is not detailed below.

Bangkok Airport




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  1. Pascal says:

    Like for the hotels, the links are pointing to the newspapers. Thx for sharing.

  2. Justin Alexander says:


  3. Will says:

    The link to the Zip file it’s broken. Thank you for shearing your amazing work, i really enjoy providing that historical research to the players, too.

  4. Lisa Padol says:

    The zip file link seems to be broken. Thanks for these!

  5. Justin Alexander says:

    Hmm. It’s working for me. I’ve re-built and re-uploaded the zip file. Let me know if anyone is still having problems with it.

  6. Lisa Padol says:

    It’s working now for me. Not sure why it didn’t work earlier.

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