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Eclipse Phase: Crater Dreams - Black Mercury


These developments can be used flexibly by the GM to model ongoing events at the crater. They might complicate things during the PCs’ operation (for example, the corrupted hab robots attack them). Or they might be used to describe ongoing events for PCs who place the compound under surveillance (for example, security responds to Balthasar’s breach of the Asteroid Dome, perhaps creating an opportunity for the PCs to infiltrate areas left temporarily undefended).


  • The researcher named Balthasar succumbs to the basilisk dreams.
  • Balthasar enters the Asteroid Dome, removes the protective glove from this suit, and touches the asteroid. He is rapidly infected by Silver Basilisk.
  • A high-security alert is triggered, with security personnel moving into the research spike. (The most likely outcome is that the first people to breach the Asteroid Dome succumb to Balthasar’s Silver Basilisk effect.)
  • Another option would be to trigger this event just after the PCs have secured the security feed at the Security HQ. (So they’ve secured the compound, but then everything starts going to hell.)


  • Silver Basilisk manages to infect the Sensor AI through an intermittent visual basilisk hack which appears on the surface of the asteroid (and is picked up by the sensors).
  • Sensor AI corrupts the hab repair robots, which begin rebuilding the Research Spike in disturbing ways.
  • Sensor AI begins trying to hack and corrupt the other AIs.


  • He attempts to flee across the Martian plains, but is tracked down by the security personnel and then shipped to a mental institution in Pathfinder City for study.
  • He remains there for a week before the people assigned conclude there’s nothing more of use that can be gleaned from him; then his ego is wiped and his morph is destroyed.

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(PDF Link: After several failed attempts to get the Security Team stats formatted to appear on the webpage, I’ve decided to throw in the towel and give a PDF version for superior utility. Early Access Patreon backers can also download a PDF of the full adventure, as they can for my other scenarios.)

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  1. Chrysophylax says:

    Who is Balthasar? Is he meant to be Dominic, the guy with the dreamlogger?

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