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BACKGROUND: This berm bunker belongs to the Ford Family. These militia isolationists generally keep to themselves, but are known to come into Hogtown from time to time. (When they do, they tend to show up in a paranoid group and spend most of their visit watching each other’s backs.)

The family consists of Ma Parker, Pa Clark, three daughters (Melissa, Angela, and Margerie), and three sons (Arthur, Peter, and Timmy). All the children are grown except for “Little Timmy”. The compound is also home to two hired farmhands (Bruce and Ted). The Fords are all pure-bred humans, although Ted is a felinoid.

At dawn, the bunker was attacked and overrun by Osirans. Peter, Bruce, Margerie, and Timmy were taken to the Nano-Embalming Compound (Encounter 4) as prisoners. Pa Clark, Arthur, and Ted were killed. Ma Parker, Melissa, and Angela are still alive and being held prisoner inside the compound by the Osirans. (The Osirans decided that this made as good a place any to hold prisoners while waiting for the nano-embalming vats to cycle. Over the next 24-48 hours, they’ll probably bring additional families from the surrounding area and lock them in here.)

LAY OF THE LAND: This encounter was designed for a battlemap from the Gamma World boxed set.

Ford Family Bunker - Gamma World

  • Ma Parker, Melissa, and Angela are still alive and held inside the compound.
  • The bodies of Pa Clark, Arthur, and Ted can also be found inside the compound.
  • The stairs inside the compound go down to a subterranean level where there living quarters for the family. There’s also a large storage area containing two years worth of stocked food.

ENCOUNTER: Two Osiran Battlepriests and a flight of Osiran Bots (2 Attack Bots + 6 Monitor Bots) guard the berm bunker. The battlepriests are dressed in full Egyptian regalia, complete with golden headdresses. They each carry firestaves and have high-tech armbands laced with complex, bejeweled interfaces.

Egyptian Incursion - Osrian Battlepriest

Egyptian Incursion - Osiris Monitor Bot

Egyptian Incursion - Osiris Attack Bot


  • 1 Omega Tech card per PC (from the Osirans).
  • 2d6 Ancient Junk if they loot the Ford’s bunker.


  • Location Tracker. The battlepriests each carry one. Mechanics check: Easy – Activates the tracker, which pings the Nano-Embalming Compound (Encounter 4) and shows its map location on a small screen. Moderate – Recognizes that activating the tracker without the proper code sequence will send an alarm to the people on the other end. Hard – Figure out how to bypass the code sequence (so that the compound isn’t put on alert).
  • Onboard Nav Systems in the Osiris Bots. A moderate Mechanics check can decode map locations for the Nano-Embalming Tomb (Encounter 4) and the Tomb (Encounter 5)
  • The battlepriests are completely in-the-loop regarding the Lesser Emperor’s plans. They won’t talk willingly, but if somehow coerced or forced they can cough up the location of the Crater (Encounter 2), Nano-Embalming Compound (Encounter 4), and Tomb (Encounter 5).

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