The Alexandrian

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Orkworld - John WickFanal the Swordbearer
Son of Bama, of the Tribe of the Thrush in the Household of Tildahn

Trouble: 6
Zhoosha: 8
Wounds: 12

Courage: Legendary 2
Darkness: 2
Battle Sense (Navigating Battlefield): 3

Cunning: 4
Make Fire: 1
True Sight (See Invisible/Illusion): 3
Sense of Direction: 3

Endurance: 4
Stay Awake:

Prowess: Legendary 6
Sword: 5
Spear & Shield: 3
Dodge: 4

Strength: Legendary 2
Carry: 2
Endurance (Resist Damage): 4

Continued tomorrow…

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