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Gilted Fiends – Part 5

July 15th, 2011

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Jacques de Gheyn - Vanitas Still Life (1603)THE SHOPKEEPER’S CHANGE

These devilishly clever items were created by a merchant guild which was, shortly thereafter, run out of business. The shopkeeper’s change appears like a normal coin (usually a copper or silver piece). So long as someone has the coin on their person, however, they must make a save vs. will or accept whatever deal is suggested to them.

The coins got their name because shopkeepers would give the coin to their customers, and then suggest things like, “Why don’t you pick up this nice ball of twine, too?” until the coin was returned to them – at which point the coin would go back into storage.

Victims of the coin will not think anything amiss with their unusual compliance, unless the suggestions are so outrageous that – in hindsight – they are obviously questionable (for example, paying 500 gp for that ball of twine). (The DM may use their best judgment or call for a second save vs. will in these situations.)

Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, charm person or command
Market Price: 5,000 gp



They were created in three pairs by Nathanuel, the Sixth Dark Mage of Ashantal, and dipped beneath the waves of the Lethe, before being delivered to the three daughters of King Kalduran of Anderoc as spite for their spurns. And for one hundred years, the three daughters slept, until the White Knights of Senzeral ventured into the Black Abyss and retrieved Nathanuel’s oblivion…” – The Books of Anderoc

The coins of the dead are three matched sets of coins – one golden, one silver, and one copper – which were created as a curse to those who receive them as gifts (or otherwise). If someone falls asleep with either coin from a set on their person, they must make a save vs. will roll or slip into a coma-like slumber from which they will awaken only when both coins have been placed upon their eyes. While under the effects of the coin, the victim will be helpless (DMG, pg. 84) and will not age or respond to any physical stimulus.

Although the coins have often been brought together over the course of history (for obvious reasons), it is also quite common for them to become separated again – frequently creating situations in which men of great power have been forced to scour the globe for the matching coin necessary to save those closest to them.

A wish spell may also be used to break the enchantment, but only if the caster is of 20th level or higher.

Caster Level: 20th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, sleep, permanency, wish
Market Price: 350,000 gp per coin

Continued tomorrow…

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