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Enkara-ulla, a Rukian scientist working for the Karum has developed a theoretical application of violet spiral which he believes he can use to force a localized pocket of Earth to obey the rules of Mad Science. (Essentially he’s trying to “trick” the Strange into running Mad Science recursion code within the context of the prime world. The analogy isn’t perfect, but he’s basically trying to use Transamerican Pyramidthe violet spiral to force the Strange to read the wrong “memory location” and write Rukian reality into the prime world.) This would be specifically advantageous to the Karum because it would allow them to construct a backpack-size particle accelerator, which would be used, in turn, to “ping” the Strange energy network and provide a path for a planetovore to reach (and destroy) Earth.

Several weeks ago, Enkara-ulla came to Earth in order to conduct a final round of experiments at a small house in California. These alpha tests have caused several ruptures of space-time, opening rifts to various recursions (and possibly even the Strange itself).

Enkara-ulla is now stepping up his testing regime: A beta test is performed at a water tower in San Francisco. And he is now preparing for a “final release” at the Transamerica Pyramid.

PCs may be concerned that Enkara-ulla’s Final Release will actually ping the Strange and summon a planetovore, but that’s not actually the case. What it will do, however, is cause an entire chunk of the Strange to be “copied” into the sky above San Francisco… including a huge fractal worm (Strange Bestiary, pg. 55).

VIOLET SPIRAL (The Strange, pg. 219)

  • A solid purple crystal which his a specific form of fundament from the Strange.
  • Once transported to a recursion, it can be fashioned to create items of great power (like magic staffs on Ardeyn that act as sorcerous assets).
  • White Spiral: Violet spiral processed in a specific way becomes white spiral. Toxic to handle (causing tremors, loss of sensation, and death with prolonged exposure). But incredibly valuable due to is rarity and danger. (Particularly prized in Ruk.)

ENKARA-ULLA: Using the name Andrew Uller on Earth.

PROPS: The props packet for The Strange: Violet Spiral Gambit can be downloaded here.


PC estate agents are briefed by their handler (Melissa Rains).

  • A recent raid on a Circle of Liberty compound outside of San Jose, TX resulted in the capture of financial data from the Circle’s computers.
  • The Circle routinely has dead man’s switches set up to destroy their digital records. In this case, the data was only successfully retrieved because an Estate agent onsite was able to use a cypher to temporally reverse the destruction of a hard drive.
  • This data cache has created a huge number of leads. It’s hard to say how many of them will actually pan out, but the Estate has activated a half dozen teams to investigate them simultaneously.
  • All of these teams will be acting under the codename OPERATION RED HYDRA. (Classify reports and code expense reports accordingly.)
  • One of the financial records indicated that a residential house in California had been purchased by the Circle of Liberty through a front company. The purchase is anomalous and, correspondingly, has been given a high priority rating.
  • No preliminary sweep of the property has been performed. (And the IT guys are tied up pursuing RED HYDRA leads with even higher priority ratings, so don’t expect assistance any time soon.) The Estate has no idea exactly what they might find there. That’s why they’re sending the PCs to figure it out.
  • The house is located in the countryside outside of Sebastopol, CA – not far from Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco and the Bay Area.
    • Address: 10560 Moonshine Road; Sebastopol, CA.

CIRCLE OF LIBERTY (The Strange, pg. 154)

  • A collection of loosely affiliated groups publicly advocating for decentralized government. It’s supplied with millions of dollars each year through hard-to-trace funding networks.
  • Includes charities, think tanks, advocacy groups, and industry associations.
  • The Estate originally suspected that the Circle of Liberty was an Ardeynian splinter group, possibly being run by the Betrayer.
  • Recently, however, it’s become clear that it’s actually a front for the Karum.

KARUM (The Strange, pg. 200)

  • Karum is a Ruk nihilist group which desires to destroy the Earth so that the recursion of Ruk can be “freed” and allowed to continue its journey across the Strange.
  • Karum believes that Ruk’s true destiny can never be fulfilled while tied to Earth. They’re fanatics.
  • Karum agents regularly infiltrate Earth, often using secondary recursions to obscure their trail.



  • Estate Briefing


  • Package from Eschaton Electronics (Node 0)
  • Parts from the Perpetual Motion Machine (Node 0)
  • Shipping Label (Node 2)


  • Bill from Tomahawk (Node 0)
  • Shipping Invoice (Node 0)
  • Questioning Soren Ginnis (Node 1)
  • Computer Shipping Records (Node 1)


  • Questioning Soren Ginnis (Node 1)
  • Computer Shipping Records (Node 1)
  • Trailing / Interrogating Ruk Agents (Node 2)
  • GPS Records in Ruk Van (Node 2)
  • Map of John McLaren Park (Node 2)


  • Laser Sight Pointed at Pyramid (Node 3)
  • Access Gnathostome Cerebrospinal Fluid Memories (Node 3)
  • Blueprints of the Transamerica Pyramid / Flyer of the 48th Floor (Node 3)

Go to Node 0: The House

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