The Alexandrian

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Maze 7A-C - Labyrinth of Ethereal Pits

ETHEREAL PITS: The sections of the floor labeled “T” on the map will turn ethereal 50% of the time when a character crosses them. If the character fails a Reflex save (DC 22), the character drops into a 20’ pit and the entrance to the pit solidifies for 1d4 hours.

Rogues can detect these sections of the floor (Search DC 34), but they can’t be disabled. A dispel magic will suppress the effect for 1d4 rounds, causing the ethereal floor to disappear onto the Ethereal Plane (leaving the pit open).

MINOTAUR TACTICS: The phase minotaurs will generally wait for a character to fall into a pit, and then gang-attack them while they’re trapped. If the PCs are avoiding the pits (by jumping or flying over them), the phase minotaurs may attempt to phase in and either push or throw them into the pits.

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