The Alexandrian

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Map - Crater X-91

The crater is roughly 300 meters across.

Mars Fresh Impact Crater, 17 January 2009. Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona


Direct Action has established their security perimeter with a 1 km diameter (350 meters from the edge of the crater).

MONOFILAMENT SPIMES: These spimes are dropped as “metal marbles” which uncoil to a height of seven feet. Once uncoiled, they’re nothing more than thin, silver threads.

  • SENSORS: Monitored by the Sensor AI; 10% chance that the feed is also being monitored by a human.
    • HYPERSPECTRAL: +20 Perception modifier (Panopticon, pg. 162)
    • INFRARED: With active infrared lighting at night (+10 Perception modifier).
    • INFRASOUND: Capable of detect footprints within 20 feet (+30 Perception modifier).
    • SNIFFING: Interfacing test to detect the signal; Infosec (-30) to decrypt
    • SURPRISE: Infiltration vs. Perception; on success, spot the spimes before being spotted by them. (+10 to Infiltration test if a Perception (-30) test is passed to spot the almost invisible silver stalks.)
  • X: The “x” on the map indicates a hole in the spime coverage where a ridge blocks the sight line of the nearest spime.

FLYING SERPENTS: Two flying serpents orbit the security perimeter. These security bots look somewhat similar to a Chinese dragon. They have railguns bolted to their sides, they shoot plasma out of their mouth, and they have a seeker that can pop out of their underbelly.

  • TRACKS: When not in response mode, the flying serpents are snaking along the security perimeter. The deep groove of the track they’ve worn is easy to spot and trivial (-30 test) to identify.
  • REACTION: If any monofilament spimes go offline, a flying serpent will fly there at top speed (arriving in 1d10 action turns). Both flying serpents will be scrambled as part of a reaction to known intruders.

FLYING SERPENTS: Snake 4/16, Thrust Vector 8/60 (max 200 kph), Armor 16/16, DUR 60, WT 12

+5 COO, +5 SOM, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, LIDAR, Neurachem, Oracles, Radar, Radar Absorbent (Panopticon, pg. 149), Structural Reinforcement, T-Ray Emitter

Railgun Assault Rifle (x2): AP -9, DV 2d10+8 – SA, BF, FA – 30 ammo

Plasma Rifle: AP -8, DV 3d10+20 – SA – 10 ammo

Underbarrel Seeker: 3 concussion seekers, 3 EMP seekers



Security HQ - Area 11 Basic Crater Security2 Basic Crater Security
Security HQ - Area 2-2 Basic Crater Security + Sniper
Security HQ - Area 31d3-1 Basic Crater Security-
Security HQ - Area 42 Basic Crater Security2 Basic Crater Security + Jammer
Security HQ - Area 52 Basic Crater Security + 2 Snipers-
Security HQ - Area 63 Basic Crater Security + Jammer
Research Hab - Area 1-2 Basic Crater Security
Research Hab - Area 3-1 Basic Crater Security
Research Hab - Area 4-1 Basic Crater Security
Research Hab - Roof-Sniper
Security Perimeter2 Flying Serpents2 Flying Serpents
Security AISecurity HQSecurity HQ
Research AIResearch HabResearch Hab
Research AI ForkResearch SpikeResearch Spike
Sensor AIResearch SpikeResearch Spike

* Basic Crater Security can use the exoskeleton in Security HQ 1, see stat block.

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