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Not that long ago I told you to check out the revamped, no-key map of Dweredell that Andrew Shields had photoshopped. And today I’ve got more Dweredell-related content, this time coming from Fictive Fantasies.

One of the cool things about Dweredell is that it’s a dying city: Three hundred years ago it was a teeming metropolis; the last city on the road to the great dwarven kingdoms of the east. But when the dwarven kingdoms fell, Dweredell lost its glory. Two centuries of decay have taken their toll, leaving the Outer City a wasteland of abandoned buildings that are now home to squatters and roving gangs.

The fellow over at Fictive Fantasies sent his players into the Outer City to explore Sezaran’s Dwarfhold, a ruined building in the old Dwarven Quarter that was now occupied by drug addicts and giant spiders. The PCs rooted out the spiders… and took over the dwarfhold as a base of operations!

Sezaran's Dwarfhold - Fictive Fantasies (Map by Dyson Logos)

Sezaran’s Dwarfhold

You should head on over to Fictive Fantasies to get the full story and larger maps and other cool stuff.

On a personal level, what I love about this sort of thing is discovering awesome new stuff about something that I created: I didn’t know dwarfholds had been built within the walls of Dweredell. I didn’t know who Sezaran was. I was previously unfamiliar with dwarven ash trees. And I’m really curious about the dwarven monastic orders looked like.

City Supplement 1: Dweredell

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  1. Andrew says:

    I am Andrew, and Fictive Fantasies is my blog. So, it’s all the same guy.

    Here is another dwarven building in the outskirts that the characters cleared to make a safe base for the Blood gang, increasing their tie to the civilization of the city instead of its anarchy.

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