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Eclipse Phase - Postmodern StudiosEclipse Phase has some pretty awesome pregenerated characters spread through their adventures and supplements. Awhile back they released a PDF collection of the whole kit-and-kaboodle. The only problem? They’re too dang pretty. Great if you’ve got an iPad; not great on the printer ink.

So I took out my copy of Adobe Acrobat, whacked all the fancy graphics, and recolored the text so that it could be read without the full-color backgrounds. I left the colored tables intact, but I found that I could print ’em up in grayscale and have them be perfectly legible.

Then I saw a guy online who was looking for the same printer-friendly solution. And I thought, “Hey! I’ve got that.”

And since Postmodern Studios releases everything under a Creative Commons license, I can make it available for everybody. Here ya go:


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6 Responses to “Eclipse Phase – Pregenerated Characters”

  1. Ross Karnes says:

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and when you posted in my thread I was tickled pink. I love your blog, and now I’m immortalized as “a guy online you saw”. I appreciate this PDF, too! Exactly what I wanted.

  2. Allan Grohe says:

    Thanks Justin!: I’ve been tinkering with EP for a little while now, and this might be enough to push me over the edge to submitting some events for it for GaryCon next year 😀


  3. Adam Jury says:

    Hey — remember that our PDFs have layers, too, so if open them in Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat, you can simply hide the different layers without having to permanently edit the PDF. :-)

  4. Justin Alexander says:

    Adam speaks truth: The EP PDFs are great for customizability and printing.

    But in the specific case of the pregens in the core rulebook you end up with both (a) white-text on a white-background and (b) a partial red background that’s on the same layer as the text.

    Thus the permanent editing of this particular PDF.

  5. Ben P. says:

    Do you know of anywhere with a version of this with the pictures?

  6. Justin Alexander says:

    I believe this is what you want:

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