The Alexandrian

The Last Five Months

March 20th, 2006

I am terribly sorry for my five month, almost to the day, absence from updating these pages. The long version I’m not going to share. The short version is this:

In a chain of events which began on August 8th, and was most obliquely referenced on these pages on August 9th, I attempted to save someone from a truly horrific situation. Into this effort I poured essentially all the time, energy, and money that I could; gave it everything I had until it nearly broke me upon the wheel. In the end…

… I failed.

I am trying not to think of it as a colossal failure. I am trying to nurse the small hope that I planted seeds that will take root and give a truly remarkable human being the power to save herself from herself. But I’m hardly the first to try, and the Quote of the Month from Marten (look up) more accurately reflects my state of mind at this time.

If you come back tomorrow, there’ll be some actual content on these pages. And, barring any more Drama with a capital “D”, this will hopefully become a regular occasion once more.

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