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July 8th, 2007

I have been suffering from a really miserable case of the flu ever since the evening of the 4th. I drove down to Rochester to spend the holiday with my father, and by the time I got there the back of my throat was a raging inferno of pain. I probably should have been smart about it and headed straight to bed, but I decided to tough it out and went to see the fireworks. (Which were fabulous, as is Rochester’s wont. Apparently the same gentlemen, Jim Freeman, has been doing them for 58 years. And he does a marvelous job of it, understanding that there is more to an effective fireworks show than simply churning out explosive as fast as you can.)

The penalty for my extravagance was, unfortunately, spending most of Thursday in a near-delirium. I’m finally feeling better today, but I’m still not at 100%.

Aerie - Poster MapDespite that, I’ve got some more news from Dream Machine Productions: Due to Lulu’s recent expansion into art prints, we can offer a poster map for City Supplement 2: Aerie. It’s available in both a keyed and non-keyed format.

At a deluxe size, with dimensions of 36″ x 24″, this map is the perfect companion piece for using the city of Aerie in your campaign, with individual buildings and streets easily distinguishable.

It is our expectation that all future city supplements will be accompanied by poster-size maps. Unfortunately, a poster-size map will not be released for City Supplement 1: Dweredell, as the map for Dweredell was not executed at a resolution to make that possible.

And, as some people have asked me about this: This does not mean that the supplements themselves will not include maps.

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