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Gilted Fiends – Part 4

July 14th, 2011

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Jacques de Gheyn - Vanitas Still Life (1603)UNHOLY WEALTH

Long ago a mighty civilization flourished deep within the bowels of the earth, accomplishing great deeds and carving for itself a place of greatness. Now, though, this forgotten empire is long lost to the mists of history – leaving behind only the strange golden coins which adventurers have come to know as unholy wealth.

These coins project an invisible unholy aura around their carriers (the unholy aura can, therefore, be detected with spells such see invisibility and true seeing). Creatures so warded in this manner receive a +4 deflection bonus to AC, a +4 resistance to saves, and an SR 25 against good spells and spells cast by good creatures. The aura will also block possession and mental influence. If a good creature succeeds at a melee attack against the carrier of unholy wealth, the offending attacker takes 1d6 point of temporary Strength damage (Fortitude save negates).

Divine spellcasters of good or neutral alignment will find their access to their spells blocked so long as they carry the unholy wealth (knowingly or otherwise). Good-aligned characters who knowingly use unholy wealth to their own advantage should be considered to be acting against their alignment.

Caster Level: 15th
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, unholy aura
Market Price: 240,000 gp



The thief’s coin has been inhabited for more than a century by the entrapped spirit of the master thief Shadowraven, who had the misfortune of getting caught on the premises of a tower belonging to the wizard Azbahkeroth. To punish the thief, Azbahkeroth imprisoned his soul for all eternity within one of the gold coins he craved so much.

Shadowraven had his revenge, however. Although robbed of sentience, the avarice of his soul – focused through the properties of the coin – began to attract stolen goods and money to its owner. Within a few months Azbahkeroth found himself, unwittingly, surrounded by a wide array of stolen goods – and no good explanation of how he had come into possession of them. During the liquidation of his property which followed his arrest, the thief’s coin disappeared.

Anyone who comes into possession of the thief’s coin suffers the risk of falling to a fate similar to Azbahkeroth. Whenever they come into possession of something new (whether taking treasure from a monster, buying supplies at a store, or receiving change from a shopkeeper) there is a 10% chance that it was recently stolen. If it was stolen, then there is a 50% chance that the item in question is identifiable. Whether or not its true owners will come looking for it is left up to the discretion of the DM.

Caster Level: 12th

Continued tomorrow…

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  1. Dragatus says:

    I really like this series. Some very fun ideas to unleash on my unsuspecting players.

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