The Alexandrian

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Maze 7A-B - The Hunting Grounds

POISONED SPIKES: Vicious, poison-soaked, blood-encrusted spikes line the walls throughout this maze.

d20      Poison
1-3       Purple worm poison (Fort DC 24; Initial 1d6 Str; Secondary 2d6 Str)
4-6       Large scorpion venom (Fort DC 18; Initial 1d6 Str, Secondary 1d6 Str)
7-9       Naga venom (Fort DC 18; Initial 1d8 Con; Secondary 1d8 Con)
10-12   Demon’s blood (Fort DC 18; Initial 2d6 Con; Secondary 2d6 Con)
13-15   Deathblade ( Fort DC 20; Initial 1d6 Con; Secondary 2d6 Con)
16-17   Ghostspider venom (Fort DC 18; Initial 1d8 Dex; Secondary 2d8 Dex)
18        Madness Lotus (Fort DC 18; Initial 1d6 Wis ; Secondary confusion)
19        Thornvine poison (Fort DC 15; Initial Blindness 1d4 hours; Secondary 0)
20        Nitharit ( Fort DC 13; Initial 0; Secondary 3d6 Con)

MINOTAUR TACTICS: The phase minotaurs love to phase in, grab a character, and then thrust them onto a spike. Then they simply phase away again… only to come back later and do it again, slowly killing their victims in a torturous gauntlet.

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