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Doctor Who: The Temporal Masters

A couple years ago I posted Doctor Who: The Temporal Masters, a fanciful outline of the hypothetical season of Doctor Who I would create if I wanted to craft a villain suitable for replacing the Daleks as a rival for the Time Lords.

Martin Tegelj has taken that material and is doing something incredibly cool with it: He’s designed an entire campaign based on The Temporal Masters¬†for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:

1. A Conversion Before Christmas
2. Something Old, Something New (aka The Doctor’s Granddaughter)
3. Dawn of the Temporal Masters
4. The Riot
Prelude: Donna
5. Fugue State
6. Alliance of the Daleks
7. The Genesis Extermination
8. The Master Plan
9. Black Hole Bluff
10. Andromeda Burns
11. Another World
12. Time Lord Ascendant

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