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Doctor Who - The Temporal Masters

A couple years ago I posted Doctor Who: The Temporal Masters, a fanciful outline of the hypothetical season of Doctor Who I would create if I wanted to craft a villain suitable for replacing the Daleks as a rival for the Time Lords.

Martin Tegelj has taken that material and is doing something incredibly cool with it: He’s designing scenarios for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game with the aim of turning The Temporal Masters into a full campaign. He’s currently written up the first two installments and posted them online in beautiful, fully-produced PDFs:

Part 1: A Conversion Before Christmas

Part 2: Something Old, Something New

I’m super excited to see how Martin is going to develop the raw material here, and I can already see that he’s adding some really great new ideas. Check ’em out!

Doctor Who: The Temporal Masters - Something Old, Something New

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3 Responses to “Check This Out – Temporal Masters Adventures”

  1. Hedgewick says:

    Brilliant! As you say, these are beautifully produced PDFs. They’re indistinguishable from many of those released by Cubicle 7 in design and detail. I’m looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. We can always use more modules for the Doctor Who RPG. Thanks to both you and Martin.

  2. scratskinner says:

    I wonder how he plans on handling the successful preservation of the Dalek and/or GABHE timelines. (Or saving the first but not the second.) Considering the premise of “Time Lords Ascendant”.

    Or players failing to ally the GABHE with the Daleks.

  3. Tegeljerk says:

    Believe me I’m still brainstorming exactly how I will handle Alliance of the Daleks and Genesis of Extermination from an adventure perspective.

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