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Legends & Labyrinths - Justin AlexanderAs of right now, I have issued refunds to all of the backers who have sent me an e-mail confirming their Paypal address.

If you are a backer who has not received a refund, it’s because you either haven’t sent me an e-mail or I haven’t received it. If it’s the former, please contact me ASAP at If it’s the latter, please leave a comment here and we’ll figure it out (since there seems to be something wrong with our e-mail connection).

(There are three refunds currently pending through Paypal, but everyone associated with those should have received an explanatory e-mail from me and know who they are.)

This has taken a little bit longer than I had hoped. I’m afraid my health issues have been prodigiously slowing down my productivity: I talked about the MRSA infection I had on my face a week and a half ago. Unfortunately, just as I was starting to feel better I ended up having a massive allergic reaction to the third set of antibiotics they put me on. I was briefly hospitalized when my doctor became concerned that all of the skin on my body might blister and fall off. (Holy shit!) That turned out to be not the case, but I did spend a good chunk of the last week having 90% of my body covered in a painful rash and looking as if I had Maori facial tattoos designed by Jackson Pollock.

All things considered, I don’t recommend it.

In any case, after three full weeks of being ill I seem to finally be on the mend. (But I am vigorously pounding divots into my wooden desk as I say that.) I’m afraid fresh content may be a little thinner on the ground here at the Alexandrian during the month of August than I had hoped, but we’ll see how it goes. At the very least, I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on both The Art of Pacing and the Film Banging series.

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6 Responses to “Legends & Labyrinths – Refund Update 3”

  1. Neal says:

    @ Justin,

    I don’t think anyone recognized the pic you posted of some lesions on your face had become so bad you were hospitalized for it. Something in Scientific American, I think by Maryn McKenna, mentioned a potential future treatment for MRSA, using other bacteria. The treatments aren’t available, yet, but the article mentioned they’re looking for test subjects. Something to consider, if you don’t have any better luck with the treatments you are getting so far. Even if you don’t go that route, you can keep track of the issue and alert your doctors to it.

  2. Brooser Bear says:


    I am sorry about your illness and about having to refund the backers of your project.

    If you hadn’t done so already, get a rule set of the Dust Devils, I think that it will go well with your methodology of adventure writing and scene design.

    Get well soon!

  3. d47 says:

    Holy Shit, indeed! Hope you “roll a crit” and get it out of your system as fast as possible.

  4. Corsair114 says:

    That’s okay, Justin. There’s plenty of good reading in the archives to be explored to keep anyone busy for the rest of the month. 😀

  5. Jan says:

    Ouch. Get well soon!

  6. Fenyx4 says:

    You should stop getting sick.

    On the bright side we’re 2/3rds of the way through 2013. 2014 has to be better, right?

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