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This is what my chin looks like at the moment:

MRSA on My Chin

That’s an MRSA staph infection, complete with swollen lymph nodes. “MRSA” means that it’s resistant to common antibiotics, so I’m on my third set of medications for it and it’s gradually getting better. 2013 has truly been a suck-filled year for me.

Although that’s been slowing me down quite a bit this week, the one thing I did manage to get done was processing a couple large chunks of L&L refunds. Looks like we’re about 50% of the way through that process now. At the moment, we’re waiting for another cycle of cash to clear Paypal and I’ll be able to push on with the next batch. If you’re a backer who has sent me an e-mail and has not yet received your refund, it’ll be on its way as soon as Paypal gets out of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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4 Responses to “Legends & Labyrinths – Refund Update 2”

  1. Broozer Bear says:

    Looks like 2013 was a bad year for you. Sorry to hear it. As far as I can tell, there are as many versions of house rules D&D as there are DM’s. Why buy retro-clones and not just get the original books?

  2. Neal says:

    I’ve offered my sympathies previously, for what it’s worth, I’m offering them again. You’re obviously under stress, and it’s messing with your immune system. It was sincerely offered, but somehow maybe it sounded trite the last time I offered condolences.

    You have abundant talent, and the crap and abuse you’re dealing with right now will end and you’ll get out from underneath this rock. The icky pale things that you leave behind underneath it, can continue to slither around in the muck, and try to threaten lawsuits for non-delivery of artwork they flaked out on. I know how this goes, I’ve been dealing with it for the past few years, and it’s finally ending. If you have brains, discipline and fortitude, usually life and finances correct themselves given enough time and endurance.

  3. Neal says:

    @ Justin,

    I’m surprised there are only two responses to this post at this point.

    Since you posted this and other similar posts in the past, presumably you were looking for feedback, commiseration and responses from your readership. I’ve commiserated a few times, and never get any indication whether the thoughts I’ve shared have any positive effect or relevance. Maybe the comments aren’t welcome. From the silences, I can never figure it out one way or the other.

  4. Fenyx4 says:


    I think the answer to you question might lie in some of the early L&L posts, like this one .

    Although your question is a bit weighted. If you define L&L as a “house rules D&D” or a “retro-clone” then there may not be a reason to buy it. But it is more than that. (and, I guess, less than that since one of the goals is to streamline the system… 😉 )

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