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The Struggle - Alex Drummond

The Struggle – Alex Drummond

As with last week’s piece, this art is drawn directly from the gaming table. In fact, the scene depicted here is taken from me Ptolus campaign. You can read the matching journal entry here:

In the Shadow of the Spire – Prelude 1B: The Lost Vaults

The depictions of Tee and Agnarr, however, are slightly anachronistic. (The scene takes place shortly after they met in the wilderness, but Agnarr wouldn’t have his flaming sword and Tee wouldn’t have her dragon pistol until after they returned to Ptolus.) This is because these characters were appearing in multiple illustrations and I decided to both (a) simplify the art order and (b) potentially create a greater continuity in the book’s interior art by supplying the artist with only a single description. (Plus, this piece is much cooler with the red flames and the cocked pistol.)

This particular piece would have replaced Thor and his hammer on pg. 71 of the Black Book Beta.

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One Response to “The Art of Legends & Labyrinths #16: The Struggle – Alex Drummond”

  1. Neal says:

    It has a strong feel of something like a retro-version of John Carpenter’s “The Thing.”

    Although there’s snow falling, Tee’s skimpy clothing looks more like a medieval version of a Tee shirt. She needs to button up.

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